Sisters of Swing

"It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!"


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For any enquiries including bookings - or if you are interested in joining the band
contact the Band Leader: Jocelyn Dawson-Wood 


How far will you travel?
We are based in Bristol but we will consider travelling to any venues within the South West - subject to fee and reasonable travelling time.

Do you require a raised stage?
This is not necessary although it can be useful. The main requirement is a level, hard floor. Where the event is being held in a marquee or similar, grass or matting on outside surfaces are not safe surfaces. We will also need access to mains or suitable generator power. Another consideration is to provide shelter from the rain as woodwind and electrically amplified instruments must not get wet.

What sort of events will you play at?
We are available for public or private performances including clubs, hotels, dance events and outdoors such as fetes and parks.

How much room do you need for the band?
There are over 20 musicians in the band so we do require a fair amount of space. However we  have various set up configurations so that we can be as flexible as possible. It's best to contact us so that we can discuss your requirements and if necessary, a visit to your proposed venue can be arranged (free of charge) to assess the space available and work out the best set up plan.

How long will the band's performance last?
The standard is 2 x 45 minute sets but this can be split into 3 x 30 minute sets if preferred. We can also do just one x 1 hour set if preferred.  When choosing your preferred set lengths and the start time for a performance, remember that if your guests have just eaten, they probably won't want to dance right away. Usually following a meal a 30 minute set of slower tunes works well, with a break followed by one or two up-tempo sets for dancing. Alternatively we can do a mix of tempos, vocal and instrumental numbers.

What about PA/amplification?
The band will normally play unamplified except for the non-acoustic instruments such as the piano, electric bass and guitar. The singer will also be amplified. We can provide our own front of house PA system if required, but we are equally happy to plug into your own, if one is available. If we are playing in a larger venue with a large audience, we will usually need to mic up the whole band for which there will be an additional charge.

Can you provide music in between your sets?
Yes, if required we can do this. We can plug a laptop or other device into our PA system. We can provide our own laptop/device or we can plug in one of yours and play your chosen playlist.

How long do you need to set up?
We will require at least one hour to set up the band.

How much do you charge?
This will depend on a number of factors such as the location of the venue (how far away it is), the type of event and the time of day. As a guide, we offer very competitive rates starting from around 500. We have charitable aims and will consider playing at a limited number of charitable events per year to help people to raise money for their charities. For this we ask for a fee of 100 to cover our expenses.

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