Sisters of Swing

"It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!"


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Who are Sisters of Swing?

The band formed in late 2010 and since then we have all been working hard to put together our set list of popular foot-tapping swing tunes and honing our skills as individual musicians and as members of a big band.

There are currently 23 ‘Sisters’ in the band who play a range of instruments, such as:
  • drums
  • bass
  • guitar
  • piano
  • clarinets
  • tenor saxes
  • baritone sax
  • alto saxes
  • soprano saxes
  • trombone
We also have a fantastic, talented vocalist - Julie Patchouli - known as 'JP'. JP lives in Glastonbury and has been popular on the Bristol music scene since the 80's.  Since JP joined us we have been busily working on some new vocal numbers to add to our growing repertoire.  She brings her own special sound and style to the band and is particularly fond of Ella so many of the tunes in our vocal set pay homage to this great jazz singer.

Our aims are:
  • To have fun making music
  • To make live swing music accessible to all by taking our music into the heart of the community
  • To organise and participate in musical concerts within the community, especially where we can contribute to local fundraising initiatives
  • To encourage women to participate in the playing and performance of music by providing an inclusive and supportive environment
  • To create a learning environment where band members can develop their skills as individual musicians and as members of a large musical ensemble

We particularly welcome women 'returners' to music - women who may have had a break from music, perhaps to raise a family or whatever reason - and now wish to return to music in a fun and supportive environment - why not give us a try?

We often have vacancies for new members so don't be afraid to drop us an email to ask.

We meet for rehearsals every other Monday evening in Downend, Bristol.  If you would like to find out more about the band, whether you might be interested in joining or for bookings, please Contact Us

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